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Recently my wife has been acting very strangely. She often focuses on texting someone on the phone and constantly goes out to eat with friends. All of her strange actions fit the "five signs that your wife is cheating" that I found online. I'm sure she's having an affair, but my mischievous wife always finds a way to deny it. She said I was jealous, and even hinted that I had cuckold blood and was aroused at the thought of my wife letting another guy fuck me. I was really suspicious, so I placed the camera in the bedroom while on a business trip. When I returned and opened it, it was so unlucky that the bastard threw his shirt away and accidentally covered the camera. I could only hear Riho's lustful moans continuously. Seeing this as irrefutable evidence, I immediately questioned her. But after just a few sentences, she used sex to make me unable to stay awake. Riho kept saying half truths and half jokes, making me confused. In the end, after making love, she said he was just massaging her. That moan of hers came out because she was so comfortable. I trusted and fell asleep, not knowing that the wife I loved and trusted was deleting the video that I had not yet finished watching, the video of the man taking off his shirt and the two of them appearing naked on the video.. .

If the husband eats spring rolls, the wife eats spring rolls.....

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 Actor: Riho Fujimori 

 Category: Japanese Sex Movies Java HD Vietsub Sex Movie Rape Sex Movie Awkward Sex Movie Beautiful Girl Sex Movie XVIDEOS SEXTOP1 

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